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Anyone who is into stock trading and investment needs to understand the importance of efficient and effective stock market learning. Aside from knowing the basics of the stock market, what different stock terms mean or how to properly forecast the effects of a moving market, one should also know how to re-enter an existing trend.

In Forex trading, re-entering an existing trend only means catching up with buying and selling currency when that currency is at its strongest. To add up with your technical analysis and financial learning, have a go at reading the tips below to help you re-enter any trend that could make you earn more money, grow your investment and earn your capital.

Using Hawkeye Fatman Indicator

Let’s take a look at how to trade Forex based on Hawkeye volume-based trading principles for Forex trade for the beginner. And in particular, let’s consider the case where we missed the initial entry and are looking to enter a little later when the stock price permits.

In Forex, we always begin with the Hawkeye Fatman indicator, which shows which currencies are relatively strong or weak with respect to all the other currencies.

Below is a chart of today’s Fatman showing that the EUR is weak and the USD is strong. Based on this setup, we know that the strength cycles constantly, and usually returns to fair value or to the opposite extreme. So in our charts, we look for a probable reversal of price and trend direction to start our trade.

Stock Market Learning: How To Re-Enter Existing Trend

So the Fatman started to show a price reversal setup around 0600, and we saw that the initial trading entry on our charts came around 0630, meaning we missed that initial entry! Bummer! What do we do?

Good question!

Understanding Volume

In our Hawkeye training room, we teach students to study VOLUME, and that is where we find our answer. On the EURUSD chart below, we are seeing the initial entry we missed, that is marked by the first green up-arrow. Since we missed the initial entry, all we need to do is wait for the pull back on the volume, which signifies buying weakness. When buying strength returns, the trend continues and signals our re-entry which is a good sign for money.

Stock Market Learning: How To Re-Enter Existing Trend

There are several more opportunities to get into this trend if you missed any of the other previous entries.

As an advanced tip, use the Hawkeye Roadkill indicator. It identifies EVERY volume pull back on a trend. Then compares it to the longer time volume and signals the best time to enter or re-enter the trading trend. Hawkeye is a fabulous tool that I would not trade without. This tool could also become a great part of your portfolio. But I wanted to make sure you knew how to spot a valid re-entry by just using volume.

Roadblock Of Stock Market Learning

On your road to stock market learning, you will meet a lot of roadblocks and one of them is getting a reliable and credible source of information. Some would declare the market is going up, down while some would say it’s going sideways. What I’m saying is that you should be careful about where you are getting your sources especially that your hard-earned money is involved here.

Naturally, it is hard to learn something that is reliable and consistent in terms of the daily trends of the markets. Anyone can only deeply understand something that is stable enough despite a figurative hold on it. There are reliable ones and there those that aren’t. In the end experience, skill and luck will are what matter. Learning the basics and theories will initially paint you a picture on some shared experience or skill which may or may not fit according to your trading personality. Thereafter, you’ll have to cultivate a feeling of the actual real trading actions long with learning to recognize the patterns and behavior of the markets and how they interact with each other.

Minimizing Risk Trading With The Hawkeye Fatman

Should you decide to start investing, I can teach you this along with the many other principles in our weekly Wednesday training room. So please come along with me as an investor and join the action and find other helpful trading strategies.

To have a piece of ample knowledge on how to properly re-enter an existing trend is a major part of anyone’s stock market learning. Re-entering is a skill that helps you find out where you can still profit from your investment despite missing a chance when the trend begins.


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The Hawkeye Roadkill indicator can assist you in your investing endeavor by making re-entering easier especially if you’re still learning the process of trading. Remember that missing a good entry does not totally make you lose money and profit. More often than not, there’s a good chance you can still re-enter and gain traction

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