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The 2-Hour Trader: How To Double Your Income And Your Free Time

Date: 4/24/18
Time: 12:00 pm ET



Trading is the best job in the world!

There is no other job that will give you the opportunity to make a full-time income while working only a few hours a day. The biggest myth that holds new traders back is the belief that you need to spend ALL DAY in front of the computer to turn a profit.

But this is simply not true. And Fausto can prove it!

Most of the time, Fausto reaches his daily trading goal in less than 2 hours of trading!

In this free webinar, Fausto will explain how to effectively double your income and your free time by taking high probability trades in the stock market. This FREE webinar is for both beginners and advanced traders who are interested in learning new concepts that can be quickly added to their arsenal.

Join us for this presentation and learn:
– How to find triple-digit gaining momentum stocks
– Why Level 3 is the closest thing to a ‘crystal ball’
– Why you NEED to follow the smart money
– Why time and sales is so important (and how to use it)

Presenter: Fausto Pugliese, Cyber Trading University

Fausto Pugliese was one of the original Day Traders of the early 1990s and one of the first independent traders to take advantage of the Direct Access Trading technology boom in 1987.

He acquired a wealth of knowledge from years of hands-on experience, beginning in the trenches, working side by side with some of the most practiced and successful traders in the industry.

After spending considerable time mastering the art and discipline of day trading, Fausto chose to start his own company to share some of his highly-sought-after wisdom.

Fausto is the 12-time champion at the World Traders Challenge, and is the author of How To Beat Market Makers At Their Own Game – Uncovering the Mysteries of Level II.


Green Dot, Green Candle, Go!

Date: 4/18/18
Time: 4:30 pm ET

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Spend 45 minutes with us and learn how to:
– Evaluate Pre-Market Conditions
– Stay on the Right Side of the Market
– Key Support and Resistance Levels
– Think Before You ‘Click’
– Use Common Indicators… Inexpensively!


Presenter: Brian Rehler, CEO and Founder,

Brian is the CEO and founder of, an educational futures trading company.

Brian, also known as TraderShark, is a full-time trader and technical analyst of the Emini S&P futures. Brian has a unique style of simplifying the complicated futures market. With over 25 years of experience in the financial markets, he provides opportunities to become successful at day-trading as a business.

Formerly a US Army Officer and Medevac Pilot, Brian learned the importance of discipline and dedication. As a professional in the Mortgage Banking industry, he learned how the world financial markets, bonds, and treasuries affected price action. As a trained Life Coach, Brian is committed to helping both new and experienced traders in virtually any market condition or trading style.

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Smart Strategies To Enhance Portfolio Returns

Date: 4/12/18
Time: 4:30 pm ET

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There is a KEY DRIVER to generating superior investment returns.

Three words:  Free Cash Flow

Spend 45 minutes with a fund manager who has consistently delivered alpha, and learn how you can use Free Cash Flow as an ingredient in building an ‘all weather’ portfolio.

Presenter: Janet Flanders Johnston, CFA – Portfolio Manager, TrimTabs Asset Management

Janet Flanders Johnston, CFA, is a Portfolio Manager at TrimTabs Asset Management, responsible for the day-to-day management of the firm’s two ETFS: US All-Cap Free Cash Flow (TTAC) and International All-Cap Free Cash Flow (TTAI). Ms. Johnston joined TrimTabs as Portfolio Manager in May 2017. Prior to joining TrimTabs, Ms. Johnston was managing her family’s premier timber and hunting business from 2015. In addition, Ms. Johnston was an ETF Advisor from 2012 to 2015 and a Managing Partner from 2011 to 2012 at Madrona Partners, Inc. She was a Senior Portfolio Manager and Senior Vice President for Avatar Associates from 2010 to 2011. Earlier in her career, Ms. Johnston was on the investment team where legendary investor, Martin Zweig, was Director of Research and Chairman of the Investment Committee. Ms. Johnston holds a B.S. in Agricultural Economics from the University of Georgia and is a CFA charter holder.




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