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It all started with a $3 profit… Not bad for a 15 year old.

Jesse Livermore ran away from home to escape a future of backbreaking farm work. He found his way to Boston, and got a job at a brokerage.

Jesse and his friends began frequenting the local “bucket shops.” (Bucket shops took bets on the market without actually buying and selling stocks.)

After making a whopping $6 profit (in 1892), split two ways, Jesse was hooked.

He was a fast learner, and reinvested his profits.

He quickly began earning more than he was at his day job.

Eventually he was banned from the bucket shops for winning too much.

So he took his skills to Wall Street, and began one of the most successful trading careers in history.

Was he just lucky?

That’s what some people said. And luck is part of it.

But Jesse had a system of rules.

Rules many people still follow today.

And here’s the thing…

Despite his systems and his rules, Jesse knew when to disregard all of it and go with his gut.

Scary stuff, but it worked. Jesse was worth over $100 Million… in 1929 dollars!

A few highlights from Jesse’s career:

  • 1901 – His first big win. Turned $10,000 into $50,000 long Northern Pacific stocks.
  • 1906 – Going with his gut, Jesse took a MASSIVE short position. One day later, a major earthquake destroyed San Francisco, netting him huge profits.
  • 1907 – Went bankrupt after making major errors on cotton trades
  • 1919 – Cornered the cotton market, owning almost every single bale. When asked why, he said it was just to see if he could.
  • 1929 – The greatest trade ever. Jesse again took massive short positions, this time using over 100 stockbrokers to hide his actions. He made over $100 Million (1929 dollars) and became one of the most successful traders of all time.

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