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Mish Schneider

Mish currently serves as Director of Trading Research and Education at She writes and produces our daily market analysis in "Mish's Daily", and serves as a developer and trading mentor in several our trading services. Mish is a former floor trader on several New York Commodity Exchanges, including Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa, NYMEX and FINEX in NYC. While on the trading floor she also served as a market analyst for two of the largest commodity trading firms at the time - Continental Grain, and Conti-Commodities. Mish has an M.S. Special Education, and has applied her educational expertise as a curriculum improvement consultant to school districts in the North East and New Mexico. Mish is currently also a partner in Marketgauge Asset Management Company, LLC, and a partner in Wizard IP, a software development company.

Follow the Path to Money

Follow the Path to Money
As my loyal readers and followers know, I have been bullish gold and silver since 2018. Oh sure, we have had some ups and downs, but since the March low, every dip has been a buy opportunity. And my bullish stance in the metals was not always met with enthusiasm. May... Read More