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In 1970, Richard Dennis borrowed $1,600…

And reportedly turned it into over $200 million in a span of ten years.

But that’s not what makes him interesting.

You see, Richard believed in his strategy…

And he believed anyone who followed it could get much much richer.

Others disagreed.

Arguments followed…

And a bet was made.

The Turtle Trading experiment…

Dennis started a bold experiment to settle this bet with fellow trader William Eckhardt.

Here’s how it went…

They recruited 21 men and women (calling them their “turtles”), training them with Richards simple trend-following system and a range of commodities, currencies, and bonds for two weeks.

After this training period ended, Richard gave each of the turtles an account to practice what they were taught.

The results?

Five years later, the turtles had made an aggregate profit of $175 million.

A number of the turtles such as Jerry Parker, Liz Cheval, and Paul Rabar went on to pursue trading careers.

Richard won the bet…

And created an enormous amount of wealth for his students.

He also proved that ultra wealthy traders can be created…

But here’s the thing…

You need a mentor.

A teacher.

Someone who knows what to do…

And how to show YOU what to do.

Don’t worry.

We’re going to help you find your mentor.

Starting today.