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Websites are everything in the world of online day trading. They are where traders place their trades, analyze charts, and perform the research that is critical to their success. It is crucial that traders use sites that offer the most accurate and up to date information, as well as offering them the best tools.

Here are 5 websites every day trader should be using to increase their odds of success:

1. offers real-time prices on stocks, ETFs, and forex pairs, making it a perfect solution for new traders who want to practice watching market moves in real-time, while the site’s in-depth research tools also make it a great choice for experienced traders. also provides users with high quality charts that are fully customizable with a wide array of indicators and comparison tools. Other features include a stock screener, virtual trading, and an active community in which traders can share ideas and learn from each other.


Featuring a large number of high-quality educational resources such as articles, videos, and a user-to-user online help network, is the perfect site for stock traders who are just getting their feet wet in the world of day trading.

StockCharts TV provides 24/7 streaming video on the topics of financial charting and market analysis from some of the top technical experts in the business, making it a great option for traders who want to learn directly from experts free of charge.

The DecisionPoint Market Analysis Gallery (DP Chart Gallery) also shows stock market performance using various charts and indicators across multiple timeframes, making it a great tool for traders who want to learn how to analyze price action to forecast market moves

3. is a great website for experienced traders who are on the hunt for new ideas. The website allows users to quickly see the day’s biggest winners and losers, stocks that have recently broken out of technical patterns, as well as the most volatile stocks of the day.

Its integrated stock screener makes it easy for traders to find stocks based on predetermined attributes, while an insider trading page makes it simple to keep track of the transactions being made by company insiders.

The website also provides data of forex pairs, futures, and even cryptocurrencies, and making it a highly versatile tool.


Perfect for day traders who want to tap into the wisdom of crowds for making their trading decisions, is a social network that allows traders to share information and learn from each other. The site can be used to determine market sentiment as well as to get tips and ideas from other traders that can serve as alerts to profitable opportunities.


Arguably the most respected financial news outlet in the world, offers traders up to date charts and market analysis for just about every financial assets you can think of.

Traders get access to charts from global markets including the U.S, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, Great Britain, and more, in addition to the ability create watchlists that will automatically alert them to breaking news concerning assets they may have had their eye on.

Lamar Smith is a forex trader turned writer who has spent the last 10 years writing articles designed to cut through the misinformation and help his fellow traders succeed.