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Matt Brown, Newbie Trader

I can provide any trader with the tools needed to make over $500 per day simply by using our proven Auto Signal NT3 Power Toolin one of three index futures markets.  Anyone willing to read this article and watch our embedded videos will have a chance to see this tool in action, verify our results, and guarantee for themselves that this is a safe and fast way to start profiting with index futures.

Q:  Do you feel like your current system is off just a fraction of a degree?  Does it have huge potential, but you are just screwing up your entry timing, taking on too much heat, only to stop out and see the trade go on for a huge winner?  Or worse yet, do you ever have winning trades that you hold onto far too long, only to see them come all the way back and hit your stop?

A:  My guess is that you do, but don’t worry these past mistakes are not entirely your fault.  We will show you how you can correct most of these issues almost immediately regardless of your trading style.  If you are looking for a complete overhaul, we can help with that too.  We provide solutions for the Newbie-Trader all the way to the Seasoned Pro so we hope you continue reading so we can help you cure some of these common trading mistakes.

Hi, my name is Matt Brown and I have taught thousands of students around the globe on how to make a living online trading the futures markets.  Although you may have not heard of me directly, my alumni are among some of the largest professional Chicago Pit Traders who transitioned off

The Floor” into electronic trading.  Some appear regularly on CNBC, while others run hedge funds, work for institutions, or are simply home schooling moms who trade in between driving the kids back and forth from soccer practice.  Although it is nice to have these high profile clients, the majority of our students and alumni are people just like you and me who want nothing more than the Freedom to work when they wantwhere they wanthow they want and for whom they want.

We Know We Can…

  • Restore Your Confidence in Trading
  • Remove Your In-Trade Anxiety
  • Improve Your Performance
  • And Allow You To Trust Your System

Imagine yourself in as little as 30 days you have the ability to walk with a bounce in your step because you have complete control of your financial destiny.  No longer are you dependent on anyone but yourself for your own financial success.  You are having success with less anxiety because you are trading a proven plan discovering how easy it can be to take money out of the markets.  It is a pretty nice vision isn’t it?  Let’s make this vision your reality!

Thoughts lead to Feelings, Feelings lead to Actions, and Actions lead to Results.  It has been my experience by teaching thousands of students over the last decade while running our live trading rooms that most folks can learn how to trade and successfully execute but it is their “In Trade” thoughts that alter their results.  My goal is to teach you a simple proven 5 step auto signal system that will automatically give you audio and visual signals required to have success in trading.

The NT3 Power Tool is based on the simple philosophy of continuity among markets.  Specifically we look at the actions of the of the S&P 500 Emini Futures and use our analysis to leverage corresponding movements in the Emini Dow , NASDAQ and the Russell Futures.

Below is a 1 minute comparison chart showing the percent relationships between the key index markets we trade for 1 trading day.   The black line is the S&P 500, the brown line is the Dow, the green is the  NASDAQ, and the blue is the Russell.  Notice how the markets tend to beat to the same drum…  we use this information to help us identify the ideal times to initiate trades with the highest probability of success.


Below I am going to break down the individual components of the basic 5 steps in our trading plan.  Remember this plan is programmed into a tool that runs on NinjaTrader and does all the work for you and signals when it is time to trade.  I will also be providing a link so you can see this explained in a detailed presentation.  The purpose of the next few slides is to simply show the simplicity in the tool.


Below is a screenshot of all the steps in action showing the actual tool with the visual entries.  The gray box is the initial entry the teal box is secondary long entry the pink is secondary short entry.


Click Here to see a full presentation on the details of the NT3 Power Tool.

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